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There has been a collaborative approach to the proposed design, involving the local planning authority and the Greater London Authority, as well as sport & leisure, housing, landscape, ecology, transport, energy and sustainability specialists.

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 The proposed development will provide:

  • A regionally significant public sport and leisure hub for West London - it will be one of only four indoor 50m swimming pools in London
  • Contributions towards the provision of a new children’s playground, the skate park and BMX facility, which will be provided in a seperate planning application
  • High quality public realm and landscaping, with a new central square and a public courtyard
  • New pedestrian and cycle routes, and improvements to the parkland
  • 175 leisure car parking spaces, 168 residential spaces, four coach parking spaces, two drop-off areas and over 1,030 cycle spaces
  • Two commercial units to serve the local community
  • 612 new residential homes, with a communal roof terrace and a large indoor residents’ hub
  • 209 much needed aff ordable homes to support housing need in Ealing
  • Energy, carbon & sustainability measures are adopted as a first resort and supplemented by green initiatives such as an energy centre

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