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Gurnell Leisure Centre
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Leisure and park facilities

Gurnell Leisure Centre

 The new centre is a substantial improvement on the current one and will include:

  • A 50m main pool, which has 10 lanes and is the equivalent to almost four 25m pools
  • It is designed to national competition standards
  • It will have a moveable floor and two moveable booms, to enable the pool to be sub-divided and the floor raised to suit preschool, school and other uses
  • A fun pool specifically for children, with slides and water features
  • Sauna and steam rooms
  • Double height reception and café facilities
  • Children’s indoor soft play area and party rooms
  • Large 100+ station fitness gym and three large studios with sprung floor
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • 175 leisure parking spaces, plus a drop off area and four coach parking bays

 Gurnell View 7 Pool Print


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Alongside the new leisure facilities, the proposal supports enhanced outdoor landscaping and improved outdoor play and sports facilities.

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